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The goal of this website is to provide a one-stop web-based portal for you to find everything you need to assist and help you with all things related to the Orange Frontier District.

Your input, whether you may consider it "no big deal or not" can be important to nearly everyone who visits this website. If you have an idea about anything related to our District, immediately click the following link to send an e-mail to the Webmaster. Help me help you and those of our District who use our website to find information about the Orange County Council's Number One District.

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Website Policies This website supports the Youth Protection Training guidelines & policies.

Official BSA Web Site Guidelines

As the proliferation of Unit, District, and Council Internet web sites continues, the National BSA Committee felt it was appropriate to set forth some policy guidelines for BSA web sites. There are many people who are unsure of what is or is not appropriate, and what guidance is available to them.

These guidelines were adapted from the guidelines that the BSA electronic publishing division has established for council web sites, as laid out in a October 23, 1998 memo from the Electronic Publishing Division Director.

The following guidelines were approved at the May 1999 National BSA Committee meeting, and take effect immediately. They are being publicized starting at the 1999 National Leadership Summit.

All associated Orange County Council website should follow these guidelines:

  1. The appropriate Council leadership must have direct control over the content of its official web site.
  2. The content of the website must be appropriate to the Scouting movement. Safeguarded information such as personal contact information and the use of youth's full names details must be properly protected.
  3. The website shall not contain any advertisements or commercial endorsements, except those for the organization providing the site service if it is provided for free or at a discount.
  4. The website shall not engage in the electronic sale of BSA Supply Division merchandise, merchandise commissioned by the National Order of the Arrow Committee, or competing products.
  5. The website shall not contain any links directly to any sites that contain material that is not appropriate to the Scouting movement.
  6. The website shall not replicate any BSA publication currently for sale through the Supply Division.
  7. The website must abide by all laws regarding copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property.
  8. The website must consider the safety and privacy of their participants by obtaining necessary permissions to release information about or identifying images of any specific individual.
  9. The website should include an email contact address for reaching the person managing the site, so visitors can report any problems or concerns.

    Webmaster: The webmasters e-mail link is located below as the last line of the footer of this page.