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* * * U N D E R C O N S T R U C T I O N * * *

The "A Pack's Guide to Success" just above needs a little tender loving care and some understanding when you print the file. The guide is printed in 'landscape' and must be printed one page at a time unless you have a duplex printer, i.e., it prints on both sides of the page. When you align the page, make sure the page front and back type are orientated in the same direction as you turn the page. Each page is folded in half to make the Guide. Also, or least for the webmaster's printer, un-check the box labeled "Auto-Rotate and Center." The page order is as follows: 1 - Cub Scout Recruitment 2 - Introduction 3 - Contents 4 - Selecting * Scheduling a Recruitment Time 5 - Promotion 6 - Verbal Promotion - School ... 7 - Verbal Promotion - Other ... 8 - Samples of Promotional Materials 9 - 16 should follow if the first 8 are in order.

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