Orange Frontier District Advancement Chair:

David Rogers

Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator: Richard Marubayashi

Advancement Staff: TBA

MB counselor list updated Mar 6 2017 by RS

The Boy Scouts of America provides recognition for Scout achievements. The advancement program allows Scouts to progress from rank to rank. A fundamental purpose of advancement is the self-confidence a young man acquires from his participation in a Troop. Requirements serve as the basis for a Boy Scout's rank advancement. The four steps to advancement are learning, testing, reviewing, and recognition. Many Scouts have been introduced to a lifelong hobby or rewarding career through the merit badge program. Merit badges help Scouts develop physical skills, social skills, and self-reliance.

What to bring to the Board of Review for Eagle Rank:

  1. 2 copies of your completed Eagle Project workbook with signatures. A simple copy in a report folder is fine. 3 ring binder is not necessary.
    1. Bring your original Eagle Project Workbook for you to refer to. (All should have the proposal, plan, and report).
  2. Scout book to be signed off. Lost? Please don’t panic. We can work with what has already been documented at the council.  Just let us know ahead of time.
  3. A filled out advancement report from the unit advancement committee.
  4. A #10 stamped envelope (to send advancement report to council).
  5. A unit leader to present/support you and family members.
  6. A cheerful attitude.  Congratulations!

Note: It is the mission of this board to be helpful, friendly, courteous, and kind.  We are in the service of scouting with the Guide to Advancement as our guide.  We will work with the candidates to the best of our ability to see them succeed. 

As an example, the scout should present himself in a neat and clean manner.  There is no need to buy another uniform if he has outgrown his, just for the Board of Review. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of the District Advancement Committee with any other specific questions.

Yours in Scouting,
David Rogers-Orange Frontier Advancement Chair


For reference letters:
9422 Lime circle.
Cypress, CA 90630


Up-to-Date Merit Badge Requirements
Want an up-to-date source of Merit Badge and Advancement information, National BSA has posted that information on their web site. You may now Click Here. to link to a reliable source of information for Merit Badges and requirements. The following link is a list of all Merit Badges.

Adult Application(no charge for merit badge counselor only. For background check if you are not registered already):

All Merit Badge Counselors needs to have youth protection training.

Youth Protection Training at my


Here is the link to National's Guide To Advancement, a pdf file 2013 Printing. See Section for National's Merit Badge polices for The Merit Badge Program.

Orange Frontier District Merit Badge Counselor's List
This is for Merit Badge Counselors to review the Merit Badges for which they are currently registered. Merit Badge Counselor's List in the Orange Frontier District (PDF) Revision

Merit Badge List for Scoutmasters & Troop Committee Chairs
Merit Badge Counselor's List with contact information in the Orange Frontier District (PDF)

Merit Badge Counselor Information
The Merit Badge Counselor Application is a dual form. It is used to register new Merit Badge Counselors and for existing Merit Badge Counselors who wish to add or delete Merit Badges to their list of Merit Badges they wish to counsel. This form is an Acrobat writable form, which may be saved and you may print a copy a copy for your records.

Merit Badge Counselor Application PDF fillable form Rev: 2013 Printing

For all your Advancement needs, please Click Here to go to the Orange County Council's Advancement Website.

If you have a question, comment or suggestions, please E-mail: