ACM - Assistant Cubmaster
ADC - Assistant District Commissioner
AOL - Arrow of Light
AOM - Award of Merit
APL - Assistant Patrol Leader (appointed by the SPL)
ASM - Assistant Scoutmaster
ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (Appointed by SPL)
BALOO - Basic Adult Leader Outdoor Orientation (Cub Scouts)
BOR - Board of Review
BSA - Boy Scouts of America
BP - Baden-Powell, Sir Robert Stephenson Smyth
CA - Crew Advisor
CC - Committee Chairman
CM - Cubmaster (not Committee Member, which is MC)
COH - Court of Honor
COR - Chartered Organization Representative
CR - Chartered Organization Representative
CSC - Council Service Center
DC - District Commissioner
DD - District Director (senior DE)
DE - District Executive (generally, the only paid professional in the Disrict)
DL - Den Leader
EO - Executive Officer (identical to IH, just different words)
ESBOR - Eagle Scout Board of Review
ESLSP - Eagle Scout Leadership Service Project
ER - Eagle-required (Merit Badge)
G2SS - Guide To Safe Scouting
IH - Institution Head
IOL S - Introduction to Outdoor Leader Skills
JAS M - Jr. Asst. Scoutmaster (appointed by SM)
JLT - Junior Leader Training
Key-3 - Council Key-3: Council President, Council Commissioner, and Scout Executive Key-3 - The District Chairman, District Commissioner, and the District Executive
Key-3 - OA Lodge Adviser (LA), the Lodge Chief, and the Staff Adviser
Key-6 - District Key-6 is the District Key-3 plus the District Program, Finance, and Membership Chairs
LA - Lodge Advisor of the local Order of the Arrow
LS - Lone Scout
LSP - Lone Scout Program
MC - Member of Committee
MB - Merit Badge
MBC - Merit Badge Counselor
NESA - National Eagle Scout Association
NSJ - National Scout Jamboree
NOAC - National Order of the Arrow Conference
OA - Order of the Arrow - Boy Scout Honor Society
OCC - Orange County Council
OFD - Orange Frontier District
OLSWL - Outdoor Leader Skills WEBELOS Leader
PL - Patrol Leader PLC - Patrol Leader Council
QM - Quartermaster (Appointed by SPL)
RTC - Roundtable Commissioner
SA - Assistant Scoutmaster
SDE - Senior District Executive
SE - Scout Executive, a.k.a. Council Executive
SLC - Scouting Leadership Conference
SM - Scoutmaster
SMC - Scoutmaster's Conference
SPL - Senior Patrol Leader
TDL - Two-Deep Leadership
UC - Unit Commissioner
UL - Unit Leader, anyone woking directly with youth, DLs, WDL, CM, SM, ASA, CA
VYPT - Venturing Youth Protection Training
WB - Wood Badge
WDL - WEBELOS Den Leader
WEBELOS - We Be LOyal Scouts
WLOT - WEBELOS Leader Outdoor Training
YIS - Yours in Scouting
YPT - Youth Protection Training

Definitions of Terms

Crew - Venturing organization.
ESBOR - Eagle Scout Board of Review -- Three to six people sit on this board. Note, not necessarily registered Scouters, MCs, or anything like that. Just no ULs.
Scoutmaster's Conference (for Eagle) - Must be conducted by a UL. Although more than one may be conducted, the "date of completion" for the SMC for Eagle must always be AFTER everything and I mean everything (except, of course, the ESBOR) otherwise, National will kick it back.
SPL - Senior Patrol Leader - (Normally elected by youth, but may, on occasion, be appointed by SM).
UL - Unit Leaders - SM or ASM * ULs sign Blue Cards (start and finish) and SMCs, but may not sit on -or- sign BOR.
Team - Varsity Organization.


The Orange County Council is always looking for volunteers to help in fulfilling the mission of the Boy Scouts of America, which is to prepare young people to make ethical choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.

Characteristics of Good Scouting Volunteers
1. Commitment to the ideals of Scouting
2. Sets a positive example as a role model
3. Ability to relate to youth and adults
4. Has the ability to delegate tasks
5. Appreciates the outdoors
6. Advocates and enjoys seeing youth development and growth
7. Wins the confidence of parents, youth, and the community
8. Good organizational and planning skills
9. Flexibility and a cool head under pressure
10. Is willing to invest a definite amount of time for training

Areas of Interest
1. Unit Leadership (leading and working with youth)
2. Unit Committees (assisting the Unit Leaders with administrative duties)
3. Event Planning (organizing activities like Camp-O-Rees, award dinners, Scouting for Food and Clothing)
4. Advancement review (reviewing awards, including Eagle Scouts)
5. Trainers (training all levels of volunteers in current leadership and scouting standards)
6. Camping (developing marketing/promotional materials as well as program support for our camping facilities)
7. Properties (this would include a variety of vocational skills necessary to keep the facilities in good condition)
8. Recruiting (recruiting both youth and adult volunteers)
9. Finance (assisting with fundraising efforts of the council)
10. Scoutreach (assisting with the development of programs and support for minority and low income youth)